AWS Solution Architect Cert

I am now an AWS Solution Architect Associate!

My previous experience has all been in an on-premise SOX environment with burdensome manual testing, documentation & deployment processes. The AWS Cloud really does streamline so much of those processes. Not only can you save a ton of money by leveraging their SaaS products, the time ($$$) you can save on deployments and documentation is simply staggering.

Everything in AWS comes down to an API call. Logging each user action can be turned on with a few commands. Implementing a process like that in an on-premise environment can quickly take you from months to years!

On top of that, automating deployment of both infrastructure and code is a top priority. Think about how long it would take to get a new test or QA environment set up in your on-premise data center that matches production. Think about the number of meetings it would take just to get started. The AWS cloud can do all that within a matter of hours.

Lets talk about how moving to the cloud can save you $$$! You can reach me on LinkedIn